'Don't do that.'
'Do what?'
'The look.'
'You're doing the look again.'
'Well, I can't see it can I? It's my face..'
'Yes, and it's doing a thing. You're doing a 'we-both-know-what's-really-going-on-here' face.'
'But we do!'
'No, I don't! Which is why I find 'the face' so annoying.'

The Fake Film Meme: Leave me two or more actors and I will come up with a graphic/poster and synopsis for a fake film/TV show/mini series

"Okay, let’s just say there’s a baseball game. You’ve got the uh, Apple team, and the uh, Orange team. Both are really great teams, y’know? Really strong players on both sides, but everyone reckons they know which team you play on. So, uh, your Mom and your Dad and everyone thinks that you’re batting for team Apple, yeah? Because if you tell them that you’re not batting for team Apple, they think you’re batting for the other team. Which isn’t true - you just don’t really want to bat for team Apple or team Orange. You’d rather just sit in the grandstands and have a soda."

James Latham (Tveit) has everything - the looks, the athleticism, the talent, the popularity, the grades - so when his entire college finds out that the James Latham is still a virgin, it’s a battle to his bed for all eligible bachelors and bachelorettes on campus.

Only problem is, James isn’t interested. In any of them.

The shocking discovery that James isn’t interested turns the popular boy into the freak on campus, but with the help of his best friend Rob (Garfield) and sister Trinity (Greene), James sets out to educate others, discover himself, and reinstate his popularity. 

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    Now this would be a cool movie where the person doesn’t end up anyone.
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